• Beirut Day 6 – postcard

    Blue sky. Pharmacies. Traffic. Cars pipping. Graffiti.   Genuine farmers’ market. Mosques. Churches. Directions from machine gun toting soldier. Barbed wire. Designer shops. Artisan shops. Tens of jewellery shops. Centre of roundabout café. Armenian genocide posters. Macadamia nut trees. Cats. Steps. Quirky modern buildings. Deserted areas of new downtown. Mountains. Peeling posters. Damaged pavements. Cigarette smoking […]

  • Beirut and Zahle Day 5 – postcard

    Beirut: Pharmacies. Many shops closed for Armenian remembrance. Quieter. Potholes. Pavement café sandwiches. Blue sky. Soldiers. Machine guns. Mezza feast. Cranes. Funky new apartment blocks. Fresh squeezed, delicious, cold orange juice. Overhead phone lines. Communist Party HQ. Some flowers in pots aren’t real. Beirut to Zahle: 15 miles to Syria. Tanks. Military check points. Mountains. […]

  • Beirut and Baakline Day 4 – postcard

    Beirut: Traffic. Tanks. Windy. Helpful people. Cars pipping. Soldiers with machine guns. Rough Mediterranean Sea. Armenian food. Exceptionally fresh tabbouleh. Palm trees. Derelict buildings. Barbed wire. Lively. Potholes. Uneven pavements. Wasteland. Apocalyptic rain. Stripy lighthouse. Fancy modern flats. 22 degrees celcius. Beirut to Baakline: Pedestrians crossing the motorway.  Oranges for sale.  Mountain roads at motorway […]

  • Beirut and Nabatieh Day 3 – postcard

    Beirut: fruit and veg stalls.  Tens of antique shops.  Potholes.  Traffic.  Market food tasting.  Cats.  Flowers.  Falafel.  Fresh mint lemonade.  Exterior curtains.  Syrian refugees.  Derelict buildings.  Druze HQ.  Interesting people.  Good coffee.  Football on TVs in bars.   Flash flood.  Cars pipping.   Huge modern buildings.  Birds.  Frenetic. Trees. Drive from Beirut to Nabatieh: Challenging.  Road-kill cats.  Undertaking.  […]

  • Beirut Day 2 – postcard

    Cranes.  Exterior curtains.  Traffic.  Palm trees.  “Handbag” bread.  Friendly locals.  Pineapple coconut mousse cake.  Cars pipping.  Dilapidated buildings.  Cats.  Antique shops.  Call to prayer.  Dirty shoes.  Sunshine.  Mediterranean sea spray.  Syrian refugees begging.  Reproduction “Phoenician” architecture.  Crumbling Phoenician architecture.  Small themed bars (Hemingway, East v West Germany).  Flowers.  Decorative banana displays.  Posters.  Ruins of Roman baths.  Overpriced/extortionate […]

Green Bottle Tree – Travel, Food, Design and Inspiration

Green Bottle Tree website is a work in progress, currently being updated with previously posted blogs.  The format and appearance will have to wait, though it pains me to say.

There are currently six pages: Home; Travel; Food; Design; Lifestyle; About.

Travel has categories with countries/places I have visited and written practical listings for. There is usually a mixture of general and specific information included.  All information is purely from my experiences and I have never been sponsored or asked to write about anywhere in particular.  All comments and opinions are purely my own and any inaccuracies are entirely through my misunderstandings.

Food is largely connected to Travel in that a huge part of my enthusiasm for travel is in trying new ingredients.

Design sounds more creative and knowledgeable than it is.  A recurring theme within my photographs is architectural and textile details along with patterns and shapes.  I have also started buying souvenirs from my travels that either appeal to me for their design or as ideas to incorporate into my home. This page, design lite, and the posts within are to share those ideas and photographs.

Lifestyle is a concept that I feel a bit uncomfortable with, but begrudgingly I accept that it is the best way of summing up what I want to publish within this page.  Lifestyle is my forum for ideas, mostly inspired by my travels, to incorporate into everyday life.  (This is why I dislike “lifestyle”, it has a slightly patronising suggestion, or maybe that just comes from how I’ve tried, badly, to explain what I mean)

About is probably even more self-explanatory than the other pages so I’ll not trouble myself to find an exciting way to express the contents of that page.

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