A bit about Cuttings posts

Have you ever watched the 1988 film “Working Girl”?  If not, bear with me.  The ditsy-looking working class character of Tess, played by Melanie Griffith, collects magazine clippings and uses these snippets of information to broaden her knowledge of people and businesses that within her office environment proves very useful to advancing her career.  Similarly, though more for interest than business advancement, my mum has always cut or torn things out of newspapers.  I too am an enthusiastic tearer-outer of things that pique my interest.  These cuttings usually languish in one of four or five “areas” and only a few make it into a clear pocket folder that I think of as being my bespoke magazine.

While finally clearing out boxes upon boxes of my childhood, school and university paperwork from my family home, I not only found hundreds (I’m not exaggerating) of clippings but also nine different “magazines” I had either compiled on my own or with the help of friends.  These were the literal cut and paste days and most consisted of handwritten or typed articles and a theme of Michael J Fox. 

I have always been fascinated by magazines, the more varied the better (weekend newspaper supplements best representing the varied nature of my “publications”).  My magazines were of differing themes, one being solely for the purpose of reporting crime (for 2p you could buy my Watchdog-type publication, complete with details of gruesome deaths, fingerprints for the general public to identify the criminals (I know; I was only about 11), but all featuring Michael J. Fox, most with a gratuitous cat or horse picture and some with guest writers, artists, joke writers and poets (usually my friend Carolyn’s contribution).

On realising the extent and duration of my clippings obsession (Pinterest, you say?  Pah!), Clippings posts will be summaries of the clippings I find.

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