A bit about Food posts

I love that food is something we need, yet, unlike other necessities in our daily lives, it is something that can be a source of excitement and pleasure as many times a day as you consume it.  My life is certainly not three meals a day, plus the, ahem, odd snack, of sheer taste bud joy, but when I have time and inclination it gives me a lot of pleasure to eat and/or create something delicious.  I am very enthusiastic about new ingredients, new flavours, new techniques, new utensils and new eating experiences.  As a result, I always come back from travels or after explorations of ethnic grocery stores around home buzzing with ideas and a need to experiment.

I have a food diary where I write about memorable meals out and at home and where I write ingredient combinations that I think particularly do or don’t work.  I have also recently developed a useful habit of photocopying recipes I use, putting them in a folder and writing notes on them about the success or otherwise of the recipe.  All this is with a view to mixing this information around and developing my own recipes, which are currently a bit too approximate for end-result confidence.

The pages within Food are a forum for me to express and share my experiences and discoveries in a non-pretentious, no “smashed avocado on sourdough” kind of way.  I have also incorporated more recent posts I have written for Flat White & Black Coffee Reviews.

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