A bit about Travel posts

All the practical information within these Travel pages is based solely on my experiences, thus the listings are very limited, but I have eaten at/drunk at/visited/stayed at all the places within these pages.  

Most of the listings are long and practical, intended to be guides, but I am trying to include at least one general write-up, travelogue or postcard (written on the day, length determined by tiredness/lateness) or “poem postcard” without practical information.  

I am currently updating all older posts (back to 2012) with a clear indication as to the month and year of the trip as I am sure some are already out of date in terms of prices and if certain shops etc are still open.  However, I have included some of the older ones where the general sense of a place must surely still be relevant in 2019.

The content within this Travel section is practical, anecdotal and written as a result of a holiday to South Korea where the only information I could find that was accurate about some lesser visited destinations was via other people’s blogs.  I enjoyed reading more personal observations and seeing photos.  I also liked that one person’s holiday or travels are more realistic to inspire where you go or don’t go rather than a whole guide of listings and recommendations, many of which over the years I have followed and been disappointed by.

Why is there not much consistency of layout between different destinations?  

Not everywhere seems to lend itself to a rigid template of how or what to write about so everywhere is presented a bit differently.  I reiterate that I have only written about places I have been to.  These opinions are all my own, as are all the photographs.

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