Beirut Day 2 – postcard


Cranes. Exterior curtains. Traffic. Palm trees. “Handbag” bread. Friendly locals. Pineapple coconut mousse cake. Cars pipping. Dilapidated

buildings. Cats. Antique shops. Call to prayer. Dirty shoes. Sunshine. Mediterranean sea spray. Syrian refugees begging.


Reproduction “Phoenician” architecture. Crumbling Phoenician architecture. Small themed bars (Hemingway, East v West Germany). Flowers. Decorative banana displays. Posters. Ruins of Roman baths. Overpriced/extortionate coffee (walked out before ordering). Soldiers with rifles. Rifle shop. Trees growing through walls. Arabic writing. Open fire cooking. Tired feet. Sense of different religions. Scooters with squealing breaks. Fishing along the Corniche. Palm trees. New Orleans-esque apartments with shutters. Traffic (worthy of many mentions). Rugs. Debris. Roman columns. Shells of buildings. Funky eateries. Shisha smoking. Building sites. Grand apartments. Sculpture. Military road blocks. Barbed wire.

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