Toasted coconut flakes. The new bacon?

“The new bacon” is either a lure or a controversy, depending on your dietary perspective. In my world, nothing can replace bacon. However, at a lovely cafe in the Vauban area of Marseille, “CW”, Carlotta With, I ordered avocado on toast (yes, that is smooth, pureed avocado and it was amazing) with “bacon coconut”. I can accept it looked a bit like bacon but it really was just fried coconut. And I absolutely loved it, for being crunchy and for having a distinctly nutty coconutty flavour.

I have a bag of coconut flakes, much thinner and more muesli-like than the “bacon coconut” at CW, and I dry-fry them (the CW ones looked thicker and maybe shallow-fried), in this photo with flaked almond and pistachio. They brown-like-bacon in about one minute and need constant monitoring and stirring. Sprinkled on top of salad, chicken, rice or avocado, for example, it may not be a bacon replacement (for a meat-eater) but it tastes about 37 times better and more exciting than you might think.

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