Day 10. Writing chapter 12 of 40 Patches

Turned out I had a lot more to say about Brut and perfumes than I expected in chapter 11.  As I rarely wear perfume and have minimal interest in perfumes, beyond some stories around my dad’s Brut aftershave I hadn’t thought there was a huge amount to say pertinent to memories based around perfume.  I could have gone on for a lot longer, starting with the Impulse and Body Shop Dewberry days and to now with the discovery of perfume oils in an extremely long-running shop in old Delhi.

The photo of the chopping board and cress is from the break I took between writing the blog and stenoing the chapter. I made an egg and cress sandwich but forgot to take a photo … because these are not the most exciting photos but I figure a photo of something mildly relevant to the between-blog-and-chapter time is ever so slightly more appealing than a chunk of words.

Chapter 12, which I am writing on a day I hadn’t set aside for writing, I am hoping to complete a series of memory triggers based around my mum’s lemon layer pudding, one of my favourite desserts.  I suspect this chapter will end up being a bit of an ode to puddings and home cooking.

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