About Us

How the Green Bottle Tree website started

It started with the name, then blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. This website is currently a horribly clunky and distressingly imperfect attempt to have everything in one place with a clearer purpose. The aesthetics will have to wait for a while.

Why the name Green Bottle Tree

In 1996, I lived and studied at Ole Miss, Oxford, Mississippi and loved going to a cafe called The Bottletree Bakery. Many years later, looking through some old photographs of Mississippi, I decided to find out if bottle trees had any meaning. They do. A bottle tree is a quirky-looking Australian tree whose trunk is like a bottle of wine. But in the American south, bottles are hung on makeshift trees to capture bad spirits and the sound of the bottles moving in the wind is, of course, not just the wind blowing the glass but the naughty imps trying to escape from the bottles. But more than that, I love the colour of bottle green, I have long had a fascination with glass and I like the idea of bottles capturing memories and moments rather than spirits and, as trees grow, so do we and so do our experiences and memories that are worth keeping hold of. (This sounds a little more bohemian than is a reflection of me, but I like the concept the more I think about it)

What is Green Bottle Tree about

I have spent the past few years fascinated by the eclectic range of opinions and thoughts that can be accessed thanks to the evolution of blogging and social media. I have on and off written blogs, one daily for over a year as a writing challenge, one about the process of having all my hair shaved off for charity and one as a practical travel guide. I particularly enjoyed my travel blog, which started in part because I was so cheesed off with the impersonal and inaccurate nature of quite a few guide books. While I was on holiday in South Korea, I found very little information about certain places I thought I might want to visit and the only information I could ever find was from blogs, so I wrote a detailed guide to South Korea based solely on my experiences.

A lot of the blogs I like seem to fall into a category I don’t like the idea of, lifestyle blogs, but I guess that’s where this is heading. But, no, Green Bottle Tree is not a blog. I don’t want to post regularly, I want to be able to write less frequently but well. But about what exactly?

A lot of websites and blogs are written by, and consequently at least partly for, women with children. I do not have children. A lot are written for and by Americans or Australians. I live in neither country. The ones that interest me most are about fairly random subjects, clearly subjects that interest the author, and predominantly from a British perspective. That makes sense to me, though don’t for a minute think I’m having a dig at American or Australian writers, I’m just referring to day to day perspectives, comparators and accessibility of places mentioned.

The things I most like are travel, food, photography, patterns and writing. So that is pretty much what Green Bottle Tree is about, with the theme of travel running throughout.

Who is Green Bottle Tree

My name is Karina, I am half English, half Latvian, I live in south-east London with my long-term boyfriend, a cat and a lot of stuff.

I would like this website to be the start of new career direction as my current source of income, stenography (verbatim computer shorthand, usually in court), is damaging my hands and I want to progress a creative side of me that seems very much sidelined these days.