Beirut and Zahle Day 5 – postcardCuttings

Beirut and Zahle Day 5 – postcard

Beirut: Pharmacies. Many shops closed for Armenian remembrance. Quieter. Potholes. Pavement café sandwiches. Blue sky. Soldiers. Machine guns. Mezza feast.
Beirut and Nabatieh Day 3 – postcardLebanon

Beirut and Nabatieh Day 3 – postcard

Beirut: fruit and veg stalls. Tens of antique shops. Potholes. Traffic. Market food tasting. Cats. Flowers. Falafel. Fresh mint lemonade.
Beirut Day 6 – postcardLebanon

Beirut Day 6 – postcard

Blue sky. Pharmacies. Traffic. Cars pipping. Graffiti. Genuine farmers’ market. Mosques. Churches. Directions from machine gun toting soldier. Barbed wire.
Beirut Day 1 – postcardLebanon

Beirut Day 1 – postcard

Halloumi. For breakfast. Cars pipping. Lots of Pigeon Rocks in the Mediterraneanbirds singing. Bullet and shrapnel holes. Fancy cars. Crazy
Beirut and Baakline Day 4 – postcardLebanon

Beirut and Baakline Day 4 – postcard

Beirut: Traffic. Tanks. Windy. Helpful people. Cars pipping. Soldiers with machine guns. Rough Mediterranean Sea. Armenian food. Exceptionally fresh tabbouleh.
Beirut – Impressions before visitingLebanon

Beirut – Impressions before visiting

I don’t expect Beirut to be quite this colourful; rather muted versions of these colours. Falafel, traffic, dirt, Mediterranean, pale
Beirut Day 2 – postcardLebanon

Beirut Day 2 – postcard

Cranes. Exterior curtains. Traffic. Palm trees. “Handbag” bread. Friendly locals. Pineapple coconut mousse cake. Cars pipping. Dilapidated buildings. Cats. Antique
Beirut GuideLebanon

Beirut Guide

Practical Information – Accommodation – Food & Coffee – Shopping – Things to do PRACTICAL INFORMATIONWhat is Beirut Like? —-

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