South Korea

South Korea – 11. GyeongjuSouth Korea

South Korea – 11. Gyeongju

Why go: Lovely old streets to wander around (hanok village), interesting Kings’ burial mounds in the park, lot of blossom
South Korea – 10. Around AndongSouth Korea

South Korea – 10. Around Andong

Why go to Hahoe Folk Village: Hahoe Folk Village from the fields Hahoe Folk Village - pretty surroundings/farmlandIt’s in a
South Korea – 9. SeoulSouth Korea

South Korea – 9. Seoul

This is the post I have most been dreading writing about South Korea because there is so much to say
South Korea – 5. AccommodationSouth Korea

South Korea – 5. Accommodation

We spent 13 nights in South Korea and stayed in hotels, hanok guest houses, a museum, a temple, a love
South Korea – 1. Introduction, Itinerary & ThoughtsSouth Korea

South Korea – 1. Introduction, Itinerary & Thoughts

What is the travel information in this blog based upon: My friend and I (two British female friends in our
South Korea – 8. FoodSouth Korea

South Korea – 8. Food

Do I like South Korean food?Side dishes for sale in Gyeongju market A side dish of fried prawn shells and
South Korea – 13. HaeinsaSouth Korea

South Korea – 13. Haeinsa

Why go: Haeinsa is peaceful, fascinating, in a tranquil location, a new experience, slightly giggle-inducing, in a stunning mountain and
South Korea – 18. DaeguSouth Korea

South Korea – 18. Daegu

Why go: To see the Oriental Medicine Market Is it worth going out of your way to visit: No. We
South Korea – 2. Guidebooks & MapsSouth Korea

South Korea – 2. Guidebooks & Maps

We used: Lonely Planet Korea (9th edition – February 2013) Rough Guide Korea (2nd edition – October 2011) Frommer’s Seoul
South Korea – 15. JeonjuSouth Korea

South Korea – 15. Jeonju

Jeonju was the place I most wanted to visit in South Korea and I had marked loads of things I

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